15th Annual State Meeting

4000 Volunteer Hour Recipients

Dinner at Mo Ranch on the banks of the North Fork of the Guadalupe River

Thirteenth Annual State Meeeting

Mickey Dufilho and John O’Connell judging

Judges at work

Ed Barrios and Ellis Burkhardt logging in photo contest entries

Rainbo Johnson with her Best-of-Show Chinese Tallow wood carving

Pete Romfh with his award for his first-place photo

The TMN-COT attendees. Front row: Neeta Allen, Justina Dent, Rainbo Johnson, Mary Holler, Kathleen Murray. Back row: Mike Mullins, Ellis Burkhardt, Mickey Dufilho, Barbara Burkhardt, Ed Johnson, Ed Barrios, Peggy Romfh, Pete Romfh. Photo by Roger Allen

Ellis Burkhardt

Pete Romfh, Peggy Romfh, Mike Mullins, Ellis Burkhardt, Ed Barrios

Barbara Burkhardt, Ed Barrios

Ellis Burkhardt, Barbara Burkhardt

Rainbo Johnson, Ellis Burkhardt

Rainbo Johnson, Ellis Burkhardt, Barbara Burkhardt

Barbara Burkhardt

Ed Barrios, Ellis Burkhardt

Ed Barrios

Ellis Burkhardt, Mike Mullins, Ed Johnson

Mickey Dufilho

Mike Mullins, Ed Barrios

Mike Mullins

Mike Mullins

Neeta Alllen

Neeta Alllen

Pete Romfh

Pete Romfh

Tenth Annual State Meeting
Photos by Barbara Burkhardt

Mary at Silent Auction Display

Mary, Justina, Mickey

The Chapter Ham

Photo Entry, Ellis and Kathy

State Project, Second Place Winner

Answering questions to a judge about the project